Operating Systems

DM510, Spring 2018

Daniel Merkle


19.02.2018: Weekly notes for week 08 are online. They include exercises to be discussed in the tutorials in week 09.

18.02.2018: The 2-nd Mandatory Assignment is available. The deadline for submission will be set soon, expect mid March.

11.02.2018: Update slides are online, C programming examples are online, weekly notes for week 07 are online.

11.02.2018: Visualization of code presented in the lecture and for visualization in the tutorial sessions in week 07: test13.c, test14.c, test15.c, test16.c.

05.02.2018: The 1-st Mandatory Assignment is available. The strict deadline for submission is February, 28th, 10am. Note that the 2-nd Manadtory Assignment will be announced in week 7.

05.02.2018: Weekly notes for week 6 are online.

29.01.2018: The webpage for DM510 was launched.

Weekly Notes

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Notes Week 05 Week 06 Week 07 Week 08

Tutorial Session Exercises

see Weekly Notes.


Office Hours

Just come to my office. If you want to make sure I'm there, contact me before by e-mail or phone.


Obligatory course book:

[1] Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne: Operating System Concepts, 9th edition Wiley, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-118-09375-7. Two chapters that are only available in the American edition will be provided via blackboard.


Practice Exercise Solutions (for the 8th edition of the book): [pdf]
C examples from the C introduction lecture: [.tar.gz]

Getting started with C-programming (for beginners, from the 2014 lecture of DM510, 3 parts): part 1, part 2, part 3

A C tutorial: CProgramming

For learning C: Compiler Explorer (godbolt.org)

For learning C: Visualizing C execution

Course Description

The official course description can be found here, and in English here.

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