4th Conference

"Real Numbers and Computers"

Location and dates:

Dagstuhl, Saarland, Germany

April 17-19, 2000.

Photo © Lohrig, Wadern

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This fourth conference Real Numbers and Computers took place at the conference and research center for computer science, ``Schloss Dagstuhl'', Saarland, Germany, on April 17 - 19, 2000. From the papers submitted through an open call for papers, 13 papers were selected for presentation and can be found in these proceedings. Furthermore two invited talks were presented, and in three open sessions several attendees presented informally some of their ongoing research.

The aim of these symposia is to bring together specialists from various research areas, all concerned with problems related to computations based on real numbers, whether these take place in a finite precision arithmetic based on floating point number representations, or through possibly exact computations as supported through various software packages realizing other number representations. But also fundamental questions like computability and complexity, foundations of number systems, as well as the engineering of algorithms for the implementation of basic arithmetic operations and computation of standard functions are important topics discussed during these conferences.

This meeting continued the series of conferences started on French initiative with a first meeting in Saint-Etienne, April 1995, continuing in Marseilles, April 1996, and Paris, April 1998, changing to a two-year interval to interleave with the bi-annual IEEE Symposia on Computer Arithmetic. This is the first time the meeting took place outside France, to reflect its pan-European nature, but not excluding contributions from other continents, as can be seen from the program. Schloss Dagstuhl was chosen as the site to promote the spirit of a workshop with close interaction between the attendees.

The organizers want to express their gratitude to the members of the program committee and other referees for their qualified and expedite help in evaluating the submitted papers under a very tight schedule. We also want to thank the authors who chose to submit their work to our meeting, and a particular to thank our invited speakers, who accepted on short notice to attend and present their work.

Finally, we want to thank the Schloss Dagstuhl organization for their kind willingness to host our meeting, and their support in the organization before, and practical arrangements during the meeting.

Jean-Claude Bajard
Christiane Frougny
Peter Kornerup (Ed.)
Jean-Michel Muller


Peter Kornerup (Odense, Denmark): General and PC-chair
Jean-Michel Muller (Lyon, France)
Jean-Claude Bajard (Montpellier, France)
Christiane Frougny (Paris, France)


Jean-Paul Allouche (Orsay, France)
Jean-Claude Bajard (Montpellier, France)
Vasco Brattka (Hagen, Germany)
Jean-Marie Chesneaux (Paris, France)
Guy Even (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Milos Ercegovac (UCLA, California)
Martin Escardo (St Andrews, Scotland)
Christiane Frougny (Paris, France)
Pascal Koiran (Lyon, France)
Peter Kornerup (Odense, Denmark)
David Lester (Manchester, UK)
Pierre Liardet (Marseilles, France)
Dominique Michelucci (St. Etienne, France)
Jean-Michel Muller (Lyon, France)
Paolo Montuschi (Torino, Italy)
Peter Potts (London, UK)
Wolfgang Walter (Dresden, Germany)


Marc Daumas
Laurent-Stephane Didier
Warren Ferguson
Robert McIlhenny
Lee D. McFearin
David Matula
Asger Munk Nielsen
Fabien Rico
Michael Schulte
Zenon Ulman

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