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Online variable-sized bin packing with conflicts
Leah Epstein, Lene M. Favrholdt, and Asaf Levin
Discrete Optimization (to appear)

We study a new kind of on-line bin packing with conflicts, motivated by a problem arising when scheduling jobs on the Grid. In this bin packing problem, the set of items is given at the beginning, together with a set of conflicts on pairs of items. A conflict on a pair of items implies that they cannot be assigned to a common bin. The online scenario is realized as follows. Variable-sized bins arrive one by one, and items need to be assigned to each bin before the next bin arrives. We analyze the online problem as well as semi-online versions of it, which are the variant where the sizes of the arriving bins are monotonically non-increasing as well as the variant where they are monotonically non-decreasing.