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 DM519 - 2012
Weekly Notes


Weekly Note 2

Hand-Ins - General Information

Before being allowed to go to the oral exam in June, you need to get a pass grade for the mandatory project that consists of several hand-ins. You should submit your answers through the SDU Assignment at e-learn.sdu.dk. Please put all your files in a zip file named as Your_Name.zip

Note that the hand-ins are considered to be an exam project, i.e., all the rules for a normal exam also applies here. Specifically, you are not allowed to get help from anybody, and you should ensure that nobody but you can access your files, etc.

Hand-In #1, Tuesday April 24 at noon (12:00)

  1. [MK] 3.6

Discussion Section, Wednesday April 11 at 12:15 at U26

  1. Download and run the LSTA tool.
  2. Load the Drinks example in the LSTA tool. Compile, draw, and run it. Modify it to add a yellow action followed by chocolate, then compile, draw, and run it again.
  3. [MK] 2.1 - 2.5.
  4. Load the SUM example. Compile, draw, and run it. Then modify the model to have two in[0..N] actions instead of one in[0..N][0..N] action; compile, draw, and run it. Compare the number of states with that of the original model.
  5. Run the following two dispensers separately: DISPENSER1 = (coin -> coke -> STOP |coin -> sprite -> STOP ). DISPENSER2 = (coin -> (coke -> STOP |sprite -> STOP ) ). Consider the following questions:
    1. Is there any difference in the (possible) traces for DISPENSER1 and DISPENSER2 (recall that the trace of a process is a set of sequences of actions)?
    2. Is there any difference in (runtime) behavior?
    3. What do we now know about the relationship between trace-equivalence and behavioral-equivalence (observable behaviour)?

Discussion Section, Friday April 20 at 10:15 at U27a

  1. The remaining exercises from last discussion section, if there is any
  2. [MK] 3.1 - 3.5.
  3. Find the appropriate relabelling rules, such that Walk = Home, Home = (south -> Work), Work = (north -> Home | doStuff -> Work). ||Stuff = ([1..4]::Walk) / { ... }. ends up as the following LTS graph