Bjarne Toft      List of publications     2000-2008

LAST UPDATED Febr. 04, 2009.

[50] G. Gutin, A.V. Kostochka and B. Toft : On the Hajós number of graphs, Discrete Math. 213 (2000) , 153-161.

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[52] Bjarne Toft : Nu blomstrer matematikken, Kroniken i Politiken , Lørdag 13. maj 2000. Genoptrykt i bogen Undervisningen i Matematik paa DTU 1829-2000 af Ole Groth Jørsboe, Institut for Matematik, DTU, 2000, side 93-98.

[53] Gregory Gutin and Bjarne Toft : Interview with Vadim G. Vizing, European Mathematical Society Newsletter  38 (December 2000), 22-23.

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[55] Bjarne Toft : Matematik løser problemer, in: Matematikken og Verden (edited by Mogens Niss), Forlaget Fremad 2001, Chapter 7, 158-179

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[58] B.Toft : Four Colors Suffice : How the Map Problem Was Solved, Book review in Notices of the American Math. Soc. 51(2) (2004), 205-207.

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[60] Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi and Bjarne Toft, Any 7-chromatic graph has K7 or K4,4 as a minor, Combinatorica 25 (2005), 327-353.

[61] Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Michael D. Plummer and Bjarne Toft, Improvements of the Theorem of Duchet and Meyniel on Hadwiger's Conjecture, J. Combinatorial Theory B 95 (2005), 152-167.

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[63] B. Toft, Claude Berge - Sculptor of Graph Theory, in: Graph Theory, Trends in Mathematics, Birkhäuser 2006, 1-9.

[64] A. Buonafalce, N. Faurholt and B. Toft, Julius Petersen - Danish Mathematician and Cryptologist, Cryptologia 30 (2006), 353-360.

[65] Lene M. Favrholdt, Michael Stiebitz and Bjarne Toft, Graph Edge Colouring: Vizing's Theorem and Goldberg's Conjecture, Preprints 2006 No. 20, IMADA, The University of Southern Denmark, 91 pages. To be submitted (in revised and extended form as a volume of Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer) ).

[66] Anders Sune Petersen and Bjarne Toft, A basic elementary extension of the Duchet-Meyniel Theorem, accepted for publication in Discrete Mathematics 2009.

[67] K. Kawarabayashi, A. S. Pedersen and B. Toft, Double-critical graphs and complete minors, IMADA preprints 2008 No. 9, submitted for publication, 33 pages.

[68] M. Christiansen, J. Lützen, G. Sabidussi and B. Toft : Julius Petersen, an annotated bibliography (revised), in preparation.

[69] Richard Steinberg and Bjarne Toft, Blanche Descartes, in preparation.