Relative Interval Analysis of Paging Algorithms on Access Graphs
Joan Boyar, Sushmita Gupta, Kim S. Larsen
WADS 2013.

Access graphs, which have been used previously in connection with competitive analysis and relative worst order analysis to model locality of reference in paging, are considered in connection with relative interval analysis. The algorithms LRU, FIFO, FWF, and FAR are compared using the path, star, and cycle access graphs. In this model, some of the expected results are obtained. However, although LRU is found to be strictly better than FIFO on paths, it has worse performance on cycles, stars and complete graphs, in this model. The original results on LRU versus FIFO by [Dorrigiv, López-Ortiz, Munro, 2009], which can be seen as results on the complete access graph, are proven to be tight.

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