DM825 - Introduction to Machine Learning
Obligatory Assignment 2, Spring 2013 [pdf format]

Deadline 1st question: Monday 11th March 2013 at noon.
Deadline 2nd question: Monday, 18th March 2013 at noon.

In this assignment you will create, share and evaluate assessment questions with your classmates. We will use PeerWise for this activity. Make sure you read all this document before following any link.


Contribution requirements

Develop 2 good quality questions on a topic treated in class that you have been reading in depth. For each question provide an accompany detailed explanation in your own words. Imagine as realistic setting the final exam for this course (your questions could really be used in future editions of this course as exam questions). You can assume that the person answering has R available for carrying out computations. The questions are multiple-choice style therefore you need also to create plausible distractors.

Provide answers to at least 5 of the questions.

Beside the strict requirements on questions and answers you are also encouraged to evaluate the questions you answer, and when appropriate provide constructive open-ended comments.

Note that in order to space out the workload over time and to avoid a large amount of activity on a single deadline, there are two sub-deadlines for this Assignment. The first deadline is for authoring at least one question. The second deadline is for the second question, for the answers and other type of contribution.

Note that all activity remains anonymous to students, however the teacher is able to view the identity of the authors of questions and comments and can delete or report inappropriate questions. Inappropriate questions do not count for the requirement fulfillment.