DM825 - Introduction to Machine Learning
Sheet 12, Spring 2013 [pdf format]

Exercise 1 – Bayesian Networks – Inference

Prove that inference in BN is #P-complete

Exercise 2 – Bayesian Networks – Inference

Figure  shows a graphical model with conditional probabilities tables about whether or not you will panic at an exam based on whether or not the course was boring (“B”), which was the key factor you used to decide whether or not to attend lectures (“A”) and revise doing the exercises after each lecture (“R”).

You should use the model to make exact inference and answer the following queries:

Repeat the inference in the last two queries by means of stochastic inference implementing in R the Prior-Sample, Rejection-Sampling, Likelihood-weighting and Gibbs-Sampling Markov Chain Monte Carlo.

Figure 1: The graphical model of exercise 1. Lower-case letter indicate the outcome that the upper-case letter can take.