DM812 – Metaheuristics

Second quarter 2008: Monday 10-12 and Thursday 8-10 starting November 3, 2008, in IMADA Seminarrum.


1. 03.11.2008 Revision on Heuristics and Generalized Local Search Machines [slides by H. Hoos and T. Stützle]
2. 06.11.2008 Simulated Annealing, Markov Chains and Convergence Analysis [slides]
3. 10.11.2008 Experimental analysis and configuration tools [slides]
4. 13.11.2008 Laboratory [slides] [data1] [data2] [wrapper-race] [plot.race] [doc]
5. 17.11.2008 Scatter Search and Path Relinking [slides]
6. 20.11.2008 Evolutionary Algorithms [slides]
7. 24.11.2008 Paper discussion
8. 27.11.2008 Ant Colony Optimization [slides]
9. 01.12.2008 No Free Lunch Theorem [exercises] [slides]
10. 04.12.2008 Machine Learning and Estimation of Distribution Algorithms [slides]
11. 08.12.2008 Paper discussion
12. 11.12.2008 Cross Entropy Method and Continuous Optimization [slides]
13. 15.12.2008 Nelder Mead Method + Paper Discussion [slides]
14. 18.12.2008 Metaheuristics for Continuous Optimization and Other Topics [slides]



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  • Object-oriented framework for population-based metaheuristics: ParadisEO


Project assignment:

  • Text (launched December 14, 2008)

Hand in deadline: Monday, January 19, 2008

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