Operating Systems

DM510, Spring 2015

Daniel Merkle


11.06.2015: Staring time for the oral exam is 8.30am (Monday as well as Tuesday).

02.06.2015: Exam information including the questions are online here.

02.06.2015: Question hour will be on June 11th at 14.15 in U20.

15.05.2015: Three mandatory book Chapters were uploaded to blackboard.

15.05.2015: Weekly notes for week 20 and week 21 are online.

05.05.2015: Weekly notes for week 19 are online.

27.04.2015: Weekly notes for week 18 are online.

18.04.2015: The 4th (and last) Mandatory Assignment is available. The deadline is May. 26. Please start in time and consider also the deadlines for assignments from other courses for your planning. The workload for this assignment should not be underestimated.

20.04.2015: Weekly notes for week 17 and new slides are online.

13.04.2015: Weekly notes for week 16 are online.

06.04.2015: The strict deadline for submission of the 3rd mandatory assignment is set to April 24th, 16:00. Note, that the 4th and last mandatory assignment will be announced already approx a week before this deadline (and will have a submission dealine approx 3 weeks before the oral exam). Please, do not underestimate the workload for the 3rd assignment.

06.04.2015: Weekly notes for week 15 are online.

23.03.2015: Weekly notes for week 13 are online.

18.03.2015: The 3rd Mandatory Assignment is available. The deadline is not final, and will be set to approx. April, 20th. The workload for this assignment will be significantly higher than for the 2nd mandatory assignment! Note also, that the 4-th and last Manadtory Assignment will be announced before the deadline for the 3rd mandatoy assignment.

16.03.2015: Weekly notes for week 12 are online.

09.03.2015: Weekly notes for week 11 are online.

04.03.2015: The strict deadline for submission of the 2nd mandatory assignment is set to March 30th, 15:00. Note, that the 3rd mandatory assignment will be announced already mid of March (and will have a submission dealine around ~20th April). It is a good idea to submit early, as the 3rd mandatory assignment will require more work.

04.03.2015: New slides (Chapter 3 and 4) are online.

27.02.2015: Weekly notes for week 10 are online.

12.02.2015: Minor additional explanations in the descriptions of the first mandatory project.

09.02.2015: The 1-st Mandatory Assignment is available. The strict deadline for submission is March, 5th, 11am. Note that the 2-nd Manadtory Assignment will also be announced in week 7, and will have it's deadline approx. on March 20th.

08.02.2015: Weekly notes for week 7 are online.

08.02.2015: New slides are online, C programming examples online, C tutorial slides online, links with tutorial on C programming updated.

04.02.2015: New slides and dtrace examples are online.

04.02.2015: The WebDAV link for the lecture material is davs://YOURUSERNAME@elearn.sdu.dk/bbcswebdav/courses/15016901-f-F15N/Material . See for example here to see how you can integrate this in your environment. Of course, all material is also just directly available via blackboard. You can also access the files via this link.

23.01.2015: The webpage for DM510 was launched.

Weekly Notes

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Tutorial Session Exercises

see Weekly Notes.


(might by adapted)

Office Hours

Just come to my office. If you want to make sure I'm there, contact me before by e-mail or phone.


Obligatory course book:

[1] Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin, Greg Gagne: Operating System Concepts, 9th edition Wiley, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-118-09375-7. Two chapters that are only available in the American edition will be provided via blackboard.


DTrace examples from the lecture: [.tar.gz]
C examples from the C introduction lecture: [.tar.gz]
Online C Programming course: [link]
Another online C programming course: [link]
Getting started with C-programming (for beginners, from the 2014 lecture of DM510, 3 parts): part 1, part 2, part 3
Simulators that will be used: [link]

Course Description

The official course description can be found here, and in English here.

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