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Can we have the LaTeX source for the official front page so we can insert the group information electronically?

Can we have the LaTeX source code for the grammar?

I use the flag "-lfl", so why won't my Flex program compile?
It says in the Flex documentation that you should link to Flex when compiling the C-program it has created, i.e., give gcc the flag -lfl. However, this does not seem to be necessary and may give more problems than it solves. Among other things, libfl.a defines a main function. So if you have defined a main function yourself, it won't compile. Consider not using that flag. It shouldn't be necessary when using "%option noyywrap".

Bison indicates a default case, but it is not using it!
When considering the .output file, which Bison can generate for debugging purposes, some states end with a default statement. However, this should be read as an "otherwise" in a case statement, where the other cases consist of the listed next symbols on input. For a concrete next symbol on input, the action which is taken is the one not enclosed in square brackets.