Arthur Zimek

Curriculum Vitae
Student Projects

Data Science and Statistics Group

I am head of the Data Science and Statistics group at our department.

See Data Science and Statistics group/People for an overview on the members of this group.

Research Group

I am or was hosting or supervising the following researchers:

Postdoctoral Fellows

PhD Students

  • ongoing:
    • Muhammad Rajabinasab: since Sep, 2023
    • Anton D. Lautrup (co-supervised with Peter Schneider-Kamp): since Sep, 2022
    • Tobias Hyrup (co-supervised with Peter Schneider-Kamp): since Sep, 2022
    • Camilla Birch Okkels (at ITU Copenhagen, co-supervised with Martin Aumüller): since Dec, 2022
  • graduated:
    • Jonatan Møller Gøttcke: Sep, 2019 - Feb, 2023
    • Rui Zhang (张 睿): Mar, 2018 - Feb, 2022
    • Jonas Herskind Sejr (co-supervised with Peter Schneider-Kamp): Jan, 2018 - Dec, 2020

Visiting PhD Students

  • Philipp Röchner (supervisor: Franz Rothlauf, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany): Apr-Jun, 2023
  • Georgios Kaiafas (supervisor: Radu State, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg): May-Jun, 2019
  • Guilherme O. Campos (supervisor: Wagner Meira Jr., University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil): Aug-Dec, 2017

For prospective PhD students and postdocs

I can accept and hire new PhD students and postdocs only on publicly announced positions and through a formal hiring procedure. It is pointless to send CVs and portfolios to me asking to become my PhD student, and I cannot answer such applications by email.

If a position is open, you can see it announced at or at In that case, and if you are sincerely interested, please apply there.

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