Introduction to Programming

DM536/DM550/DM857 Part 1, Fall 2016

Peter Schneider-Kamp

Course Evaluation

You can download the results of the course evaluation for DM536 as well as the action plan.

Weekly notes / Slides

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Information about the re-exam project is available in the re-exam project description. Supporting files for the re-exam project are available by clicking here.

Information about the exam project for DM536/DM550/DM857 1 is available in the project description. Supporting files are available by clicking here.

Here is a template that can be used to generate your report using LaTeX.

Office Hours

Just come to my office. If you want to make sure I'm there, contact me before (by e-mail, phone, facebook, jabber).


Obligatory course book DM536/DM550/DM857 Part 1 (available as PDF and HTML):

Allen B. Downey: Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, 2nd edition, version 2.2.18, Green Tea Press, 2016.

The textbook will be supplemented with lecture notes. So far the following notes are available:

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