DM842 Computer Game Programming

Fall 2017
Rolf Fagerberg and Marco Chiarandini

Official Course Description

See the course description at the web pages of the faculty.

Time and Place

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The course starts Monday, September 4.


As textbooks/teaching material, we will use the following (all available from the SDU bookstore in time for their use):

  • Computer Graphics Through OpenGL, 2nd edition
    By Sumanta Guha
    Published by CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group, 2014
    ISBN 9781482258394

    The book has a website.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Games, 2nd edition
    By Ian Millington and John Funge
    Published by CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Group, 2009
    ISBN 9780123747317

    The book has a website.

  • The lecture notes from the Particle Dynamics and Rigid Body Dynamics parts of the 2001 SIGGRAPH Course on Physically Based Modeling by Witkin and Baraff.

  • Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments
    By Gino van den Bergen
    Published by Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, 2004
    ISBN 155860801X

    The book has a website (click on menu entry "Interesting").


The exam is oral, with grades on the 7-point marking scale. A programming project must be passed in order to attend the oral exam.

Reading guide for the Guha book when preparing for the oral exam: skip all explanations of OpenGl, and skip exercises. Do read all the teacher's notes.


Date Time Room Contents Reading
Monday, September 4 16-18 Imada seminar room Introduction to course (slides). Some elements of 3D graphics and OpenGL (slides). The slides. Chapter 2 in the textbook. Chapter 3 is not curriculum for the oral exam (and will not be covered in depth at the lectures), but is useful to read with respect to the programming.
Wednesday, September 6 08-10 Imada seminar room Transformations (slides). The slides. Sections 4.1-5 in the textbook. Sections 5.4.1-3 (indtil side 224) in the textbook.
Monday, September 11 16-18 Imada seminar room Rotation around a general axis. Rest of Section 5.4.3 in the textbook (You may also look at the lecturer's informal notes on the proof).
Wednesday, September 13 08-10 Imada seminar room Rotations specified as a change of coordinate system, and its use in the viewing transformation. Affine transformations. The lecturer's notes on change of coordinate system and Section 4.6 in the textbook (read lightly). Sections 5.2 and 5.4.4-8. No proofs of sections 5.2, 5.4.5 and 5.4.7 are curriculum, but you should know the contents of the statements. These sections are summarized in the lecturer's informal notes (in these the proofs are also not curriculum (even if the notes say otherwise)).
Monday, September 18 16-18 Imada seminar room Start on derivation of the perspective projection matrix. Section 19.1.3. An alternative presentation is the lecturers notes.
Wednesday, September 20 08-10 Imada seminar room End of derivation of the perspective projection matrix. Section 18.1. An alternative derivation (not relying on Appendix A, which is not curriculum) is lecturers notes.
Monday, September 25 16-18 Imada seminar room Light and shading (slides). Sections 11.1-9, 11.11.1-2, 11.12. 11.14 in the textbook.

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