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Rolf Fagerberg


Research Interests

I am in general interested in problems within algorithmics. Specific topics so far include algorithms and data structures for external memory, in particular of the cache-oblivious kind, algorithms for problems in bioinformatics, and fundamental data structures such as search trees, priority queue structures, and graph representations. The last ten years also algorithmic, combinatorical, and complexity related questions from cheminformatics.


See my DBLP entry (not all publications in cheminformatics are listed there, though).

Program Committees

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Multiple-Choice Tests in Digital Eksamen and Itslearning Directly from Latex Sources 

I have made a Python script LatexMCGeneratorDE.py for easy generation of Multiple Choice tests in Digital Eksamen directly from a Latex source document. The Latex format is straight-forward and the conversion to a Digital Eksamen test consists of a few clicks (thanks to a browser extension developed by Johan Fagerberg). I have made another Python script LatexMCGeneratorITS.py doing the same thing for Multiple Choice tests in Itslearning.

The main benefits are: 1) you have the full power of Latex available 2) your source is maintained outside of ITS and may easily be reused in other settings 3) you save a lot of mouse clicks. All types of Latex contents (text, inline formulas, display formulas, tables, included pictures, generated graphics via tikz,...) can be used in both questions and answers.

The contents of questions and answers is cut out and made into pictures, which are then imported as the contents of questions and answers in Digital Eksamen or Itslearning. Hence, the resulting test in Digital Eksamen or Itslearning will quite accurately correspond to the Latex contents.

As an example (from Digital Eksamen, things look very similar in Itslearning) this Latex based document will end up as a Digital Eksamen test looking like this: screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3. The Latex source looks like this.

To get the scripts, download LatexMCGeneratorDE.zip (Digital Eksamen) or LatexMCGeneratorITS.zip (Itslearning). Please report any problems back to me. More details and full step-by-step instructions for use are described in the file readMe.txt included in the zip packages.

I also wrote some further utility scripts for working with MCQ tests in Digital Eksamen. These include a script to extract points from the test answers and convert to grades, and a script to add grades to Digital Eksamen protocols. For these scripts and their documentation, download FurtherToolsForDigitalEksamen.zip. Again, please report any problems back to me.

Imada Email Addresses

The emails addresses of Imada personnel are organized into groups using mail aliases in the SDU mail system. Hence, you can send to all VIPs in math, all Ph.D.-students in C.S., etc., as well as to aliases being the union of such base aliases, e.g. all Imada employees.

Sometimes, however, you may want to reach other subsets of Imada employees. One recurring situation is soliciting monetary contributions for a gift to a specific person celebrating some special occasion, where you want all employees minus one.

For such situations, I have made a script extracting the email addresses from the Imada web page listing employees, which is kept up-to-date by the department secretariat. You may then copy-and-paste the list to your email program, and edit the list to suit your specific needs. To run the script and get the current list of email addresses, just follow this link (may take quite some seconds due to the latency of www.sdu.dk).


At some point in time, a non-trivial fraction of my time was dedicated to administration of the ALCOM-FT project, a joint effort between eleven of the leading groups in algorithms research in Europe, funded by the European Commision.

My Favourite Fortunes

The best of the fortune program. Collected in my spare time, of course.

Address Information

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M
Phone: +45 65 50 23 82
Fax: +45 65 50 23 25
Email: rolf # imada. sdu. dk
Office: Campus Ø14-603a-2
Kaalundsvej 50
DK-5230 Odense M
Phone: (+45) 28 21 17 77